All about Maximus.

We are a passionate brewery in the middle of the country. Quality and pleasure are paramount to us, and we work hard on this with a team of about 25 people.

We started a brewery because we want to bring people together and connect them. Beer drinkers, visitors, but also our staff and the students of our apprenticeship company. Together we continue to develop so that everyone drinks our beer or comes to us with a smile; in any case enjoy our brewery. Together Maximus hopes to plant a seed, to provide new experiences, to make people aware of taste and flavor combinations. Inspire to come to different experiences than what is usual.

Our beers

Maximus Brewery brews delicious and honest craft beers, from subtle flavors (Little Fred) to hearty flavors (Stout 6). The range has a lot of variation. All beers are easy to drink and we like everything ourselves. We brew most beers with a relatively low alcohol percentage, usually around 5 to 6%. Preferably according to classic concepts, which we give a new twist to so that they are still surprising with every sip..

We have a fixed range of popular beers and also brew seasonal beers and specials. Because it is fun to do and very tasty to drink. This way, the offer remains familiar and exciting at the same time.

The tasting room and the brewery

We brew our craft beers with steam on our copper installation, which can be admired from the tasting room. There is hardly any brewing in the Netherlands on such a traditional installation. The stylish café / tasting room is open six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday (from November to early April, the tasting room is closed on Tuesdays). Our own beers can all be tasted here. We also serve very good coffee, tea, wine, spirits and an extensive range of soft drinks and juices. In addition to delicious homemade soups, cakes, sandwiches and evening meals, we also serve local cheeses and sausages, and apple juice from the orchard next to us. A tasting room with regional products with an emphasis on honest and delicious. We make as much as possible ourselves. Just like our beers, everything is pure and real, of high quality and made with passion.

Apprenticeship company

In addition to all these activities, we are also a training company.
Maximus believes that in addition to commercial activities within the company, there should also be room for the social goal: offering people with a distance to the labor market the space to develop themselves with the aim of finding a paid job or training elsewhere.


The more life in the brewery, the better! We provide BBQs, live performances, stand up comedy nights, book presentations, pub quizzes, beer presentations, annual festivals and much more.


Maximus is also home to the Maximus Stampers, a cycling club with about 400 members. From here, in the cycling season, various groups depart every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning for a tour in the region. There are groups for beginners and advanced, with different distances and speeds. Therefore everyone can participate! The Maximus Stampers also organize gatherings such as the season openings and closings, DIY workshops, and drinks. They also participate in rides outside of the Maximus Stampers (such as the Eleven Cities Cycling Tour and the Alp d´Huzes).

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