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The Legacy

The story of Poesiat & Kater starts in 1733 when Jan van den Bosch started his beer brewery and vinegar factory "De Gekroonde Valk" at the Hoogte Kadijk in Amsterdam. In 1791 the brewery was named after the new owner Jan Messchert van Vollenhoven. It exported beer all over the world and was the largest brewery in the Netherlands around 1900. The most famous and most drunk beer was the Van Vollenhoven's Extra Stout.

In 1949, the brewery was taken over by Heineken. A little later, the brewery was closed and the brewing volumes transferred to the Heineken (and Amstel) boilers. Only the ancient Van Vollenhoven's Extra Stout survived and was still brewed and marketed on a small scale. When Heineken stopped producing the stout at the beginning of this century, the De Gekroonde Valk foundation took its chance. She owns the original recipe and has been marketing the renowned Van Vollenhoven's Extra Stout since 2006.

When Jesse van Vollenhoven approached the foundation in 2014 to start a brewery, the choice was quickly made. Poesiat & Kater Brewery opened its doors in March 2017 and brews Van Vollenhoven beers again as before.

The Brewer

Graduated in yeast cultures in Sweden, then obtained a PhD in molecular biology in Amsterdam. That's our brewer Julián Álvarez Zárate. He creates our beer recipes, oversees the entire brewing process and closely monitors the quality of the beer. At Poesiat & Kater he brews the<span> Van Vollenhoven beers</span> to traditional and historical recipes, some of which have existed for centuries. And of course he also develops and makes our modern Poesiat & Kater beers.

Julián started scraping malt in a small kitchen at home years ago, mashed the wort, and cooked his first brews in pots and pans. His balcony also became part of the miniature beer factory. Later he set up a Speidel to improve the consistent quality of his self-developed brews.

While writing his PhD at the University of Amsterdam, he decided he wanted to brew professionally. He quickly developed into an experienced brewer at Brouwerij 't IJ, where he also set up the laboratory. When he was asked by us in 2014 if he wanted to start his own brewery, he never thought twice.

His kitchen is sometimes used to develop new recipes, but in our professional brewery * in Amsterdam East he perfects the taste of our beers and creates specials and special seasonal beers. It is not without reason that he calls the brewery his playground.

With a brewer who is a yeast specialist, yeast naturally becomes a "special feature" of our brewery. Yeast is a single-celled micro-organism and the single most important ingredient in beer. The yeast and the way in which you ferment a brew largely determine the taste of the barley juice. Of course we use good quality - preferably organic - malts, and the freshest hops. But the yeast determines which of our beers you really like best.

The Beers

The Van Vollenhoven beers are traditional and historic Dutch beers with a modern twist in formulation. The beers are brewed according to the recipes that were also used in the Van Vollenhoven brewery in the last century. We do adjust the recipes a bit, because the brewing techniques and ingredients have improved a lot in the past 100 years. So they are brewed according to a traditional recipe, but even tastier.

The Poesiat & Kater beers are special specialty beers, often brewed in small quantities. More than once, these beers can only be drunk in our tasting room. We have seven beers on tap all year round.

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