Frequently asked questions

+ De website is in het Engels. Hoe kan ik het veranderen naar Nederlands?

Gebruik het taalkeuzemenu in de grote blauwe balk onderaan en kies voor Nederlands.

+ How much is shipping?

Check "Shipping" in the footer to see how much shipping will set you back.

+ I have a problem with an order or shipping. What to do?

Contact us at and we are trying to solve it for you!

+ Unfortunately a bottle broke during transport. What to do?

That's a waste of good beer. Contact us and we seek a proper solution for you.

+ Are the prices including VAT?

Absolutely and including excises and deposit charges as well.

+ Do you have or will you also get beers from other breweris?

Depending the cooperation to be set, a brewer can appear with it's beer in our store. They have to be Dutch though! Do you have a tip? Let us know!

+ I am a brewer. Can my beers get into the store?

That might just be the case. You have to be a Dutch brewer and/or be based in The Netherlands. Check the link "Voor brouwers" in the footer or contact us by checking the contact form.