The tariff for shipping is by the case. A box meant for home delivery can hold a maximum of 36 small bottles or even 72 small cans. Delivery to a pick up point - when available - in your country is possible. Note that a case can hold a maximum of 24 small bottles or 48 small cans. A mix of bottles and cans is also possible of course. Shipping is calculated automatically at checkout.

When in Holland you can pick up your case at our warehouse. Use the seperate tab for that.

Countries outside the E.U. or special zones get a shipping quote. Send us an email to make a quote for you.

Country Pick up point Home delivery Free shipping threshold
The Netherlands 5.00 7.50
Belgium 7.50 10.00
Germany 7.50 10.00
Luxemburg 10.00 12.50
Austria 10.00 12.50
Denmark 12.50 15.00
France 12.50 15.00
United Kingdom 12.50 15.00
Sweden Not available 17.50
Italy Not available 17.50
Hungary Not available 17.50
Liechtenstein Not available 17.50
Monaco Not available 17.50
Poland Not available 17.50
Slovakia Not available 17.50
Estonia 17.50 20.00
Latvia 17.50 20.00
Portugal 17.50 20.00
Spain 17.50 20.00
Slovenia Not available 25.00
Czech Republic Not available 25.00
Lithuania Not available 25.00
Finland Not available 25.00
Romania Not available 32.50
Bulgaria Not available 32.50
Croatia Not available 32.50
Greece Not available 40.00
Cyprus Not available 40.00
Isle of Man Not available 40.00
Outside the E.U. or special regions
Norway, Switzerland, Guernsey, Andorra, San Marino, Jersey Not available 50.00
Albania, Spanish & Portugese Islands, Iceland, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Vatican City Not available 72.50
Malta Not available 95.00
Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa Not available 140.00
Rest of the World Not available 175.00